Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

What is cabinet refacing?

It is essentially just giving your cabinets a “facelift” by doing minor changes such as replacing handles and hinges, or changing the color or by modifying the doors. It is still the same cabinet structure, albeit with a slightly different and upgraded look (minus the cost and long labor).

Refacing cabinets is best when:
· You’re tight on budget
· You don’t really intend to stay in the house for a longer period
· The rest of the house may also need to be renovated in the near future and you have to redo the whole kitchen

Refacing is not advisable if:
· Your cabinets are not actually in good condition
· You wish to add an extra space like a dish rack or an extra drawer
· You actually do not like the lay-out of your cabinets

Refacing is normally simply achieved using three options of materials or finishes: plastic, thermofoils (RTF) or wood. Plastic go very well with the budget as it is very affordable, while thermofoils work flexibly with kitchens whose cabinets are entirely rectangular or equal and square. Wood remains the popular choice even today as it provides a rich ambience in the kitchen.

Refacing may be done by anyone with adequate skills in doing projects like these. There are many resources for do-it-yourself projects online or in your local hardware stores. It normally takes about a week or two for this project to finish, depending on the scope. However, seeking the help of an expert may prove to be less expensive in the long run. Experts and professionals are more familiar with what works properly and are more adept with what is supposed to be done with the kitchen cabinets and can therefore make few mistakes. 

What is cabinet remodeling?

Cabinet remodelling gives you full access over everything. This plan allows for the addition of useful features with a better, sturdier and newer unit. Replacing the entire cabinet may be a lot more expensive and then if you’re still a bit tight on the budget, yet have a great need to have your cabinets changed, there are still several options for you, too. 

In choosing your cabinets, you have the option to get either the modular ones already in stock, or have something completely customized to your taste and preference. Makeover ideas to remodel kitchen cabinet.