Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Premade kitchen cabinets

Stock cabinets come in standard sizes already made even before they are ordered by the homeowner. The manufacturers of these cabinets have these in their stock and inventory and distribute these to local stores and dealers, where you make your purchase. Because they are mass produced and are already available before hand, they already carry an exact price range. Stock cabinets cost anywhere from $500 to $1500, depending on model. Delivery usually takes place in less than three weeks. Some stores even have stock cabinets sold over the counter.

Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets

If you can afford to splurge on something like a custom made cabinet, then it should be money well spent. With custom cabinets you will be able to create your own unique dream kitchen, one that carries and houses all that you need in the right lay-out, functionality and finishing. Custom made cabinets cost more than stock cabinets whether you buy it from your local store or through a large manufacturer. This is because you pay for the services of the people who will work on the specifications you have given.

Custom cabinets require more time and attention since it will be assembled from scratch. As such, you have to wait for about two to three months for your cabinets to be done. Many manufacturers in recent years have however made adjustments with the product and service they render. Today, stock cabinets come in a thousand choices, and parts of this may be modified and slightly customized to what you like. With custom cabinets on the other hand, some manufacturers may also offer to integrate a few stock parts like a door, or a drawer for example and add this to what you have specified, making the project easier and done quicker. Every homeowner at one point has thought of refacing or remodelling his or her home, particularly their kitchen section. The change may not only make the difference in ones abode, but it may also provide the opportunity for the homeowners to express their own style and preference, bringing personality to the whole remodeling project. After all, building a home is not just about its use and the aesthetics; it also has to reflect the style and choice of its owners.

kitchen cabinet remodel